Thursday, 3 June 2010

Contact Forms and Emails - The Importance of Communication

In the age of the Internet, easy and open communication has become ubiquitous. Most people can be contacted online through various email addresses, twitter accounts, blog commenting and so forth. However, some organizations and individuals do not see being open to communication as a positive thing and close off many communication channels.

The Internet has become a social phenonenmonan. The advent of Web 2.0 saw a boom in social networking sites. The omniscience of socializing on the Internet is evident on nearly whatever site you go to. You can now join forums, post comments and look at other users' profiles on websites that have traditionally been authoritative and closed (e.g. news websites). People like socializing on the Internet - they want to get involved and express opinions and engage with other people with similar interests.

This is why I think everyone who has an online presence should be open to subsequent communication. Social communication and the Internet now go hand in hand - can you imagine an Internet without emails, comments and contact forms? What an empty place to imagine! I understand that some times communication channels can become blocked by spambots and messages you receive on the Internet often don't make sense but that's no reason to suspend all communication with the web.

Obviously, this post might just represent my frustration with not being able to contact companies and blog authors but I genuinely believe we should all be open to interaction on the Internet for the following reasons:

Firstly so much of the Internet is interaction-orientated, if you're not open to that communication then it does seem incongruent.

Secondly, you miss out on what the Internet is there for - sharing information (you might be very happy to only give out information but we can always learn from receiving some too!). One of the visitors to your website might have some really useful feedback or a new website you might really like. You're missing out on these opportunities if you don't have a way for people to contact you.

Lastly, it's fun! Everyone enjoys social interaction - it's part of what makes us human. It also presents you in a personable light and portrays you as being open.

Hopefully this post will make people not fear the social side of the net but to embrace and see its functions, utilities and applications are great and very helpful.

(picture credit goes to CarbonNYC from flickr.

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