Thursday, 30 September 2010

Multitasking Online

Loads of people multitask. The saying says that women tend to be considerably better at it as compared to men yet new studies into multitasking demonstrates that younger multitask with a lot of their time. This is specifically a direct result of the manner in which modern modern culture and technology has continued to evolve. Many things are now available at the same time: listening to your favourite music whilst doing work, chatting on the phone while cooking and so forth. It really should be considered that some people believe that multitasking is detrimental and it ends in tasks not finished with the highest final results. In fact, scientists claim that it is actually not possible to totally concentrate on two things at the same time. This is the reason many people regularly do not provide their full attention if you attempt to talk to them whilst they are doing something else. Although this may feel rude or obnoxious, it is a perfectly natural component of being a human.

Yet, all this will never negate the fact present day society is becoming more and more stressful and people are undertaking more and more commitments. Every person now has family responsibilities to juggle with job responsibilities and also try to fit time in for themselves. It is no wonder that most people multitask even more as a result. The latest research has shown multitaskers effectively obtain extra time out of their day. They achieve this by performing a couple of things at a time (for instance, watching television programs whilst surfing the net).

The phrase "multitask" comes from computing. Technology created the word when referring to the process in which computers manage to run more than just one job at any time and it has now spread to everyday language. Nevertheless, people can still examine multitasking relative to computers, and specifically the communication of person and computer.

More and more activities need to be completed online and with computers. There are man work environments are trying to reduce the quantity of un-recycled waste and some even follow a print free rule. It is now feasible to work totally with a computer or through the Internet. People may not even have to necessarily have a permanent office to work in - why not buy a laptop or tablet computer and work remotely from anyplace you want? As technology has continued to advance and been adopted to complete even more, most people are expected to use computers to complete simultaneous tasks simultaneously.

Multitasking on a computer is actually rather simple. You can produce a document whilst browsing online. Nevertheless, as you are restricted by computer screen size you may find that you can only view so much. Using more than just one screen will significantly help this. Using a pair of screens significantly improves work efficiency, but when having anymore than this there is minimal change and you might want to save some money.

Graphical user interfaces (the visual way you interact with computer systems and operating systems compared to line commands in DOS) have become highly developed around multitasking. With lots of computers have a task bar at the bottom with all the open applications and programs. You can switch between them with just one click of your mouse or by using keyboard shortcuts. Furthermore, browsers are now allowing you to multitask effectively. Rather than having several windows open when you have to browse more than one site, you can now use tab browsing to efficiently go between different pages.

Furthermore, there are sites that you can use to multitask with the net more effectively. Bookmark managers (allowing you to import your bookmarks online and store all your favorite bookmarks), password managers (allowing you to save your passwords online) and personalized homepages (allowing you to deal with your online life more efficiently). There are many examples of such tools but there are fewer examples of tools which allow you to do them all simultaneously. Making use of a service that does allows you to multitask and organize your online life all via one location. Furthermore, as they are online you can access them from anywhere in the world and at any time.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Can We Predict the Fall of Facebook?

It truly is tough to think the world's most well known social network would ever fall from grace. Facebook possesses sufficient users to make it one of the biggest countries on the planet. Nevertheless, could it possibly be on its way out? Facebook continues to be incredibly popular, but huge businesses have crashed before.

Among the list of issues with Facebook is the fact it truly is everywhere. Having a Facebook page has become as popular as having a phone number or email address. When you encounter anyone who doesn't own a Facebook account, you want to know the reason why? Facebook has fast become the site to throw away almost all your leisure time. Facebook has come some way since its simple origins of social networking for students. It is now offered to anyone to try and just about every country in the world. It has made it possible for friends and families to search for each other again and brought together relationships. Facebook's status will be documented in history with the release of a new movie regarding its rise to prominence.

Nonetheless, Facebook is certainly not without controversies. It is continually making the news for issues with privacy and online safety fears for members. Faced by public protest, it was forced to shorten its privacy settings and settings allowing users to comprehend the privacy configurations a lot easier. Facebook is commonly criticized with regard to having the security settings so complicated meaning members usually do not realize the best way to control his or her personal information appropriately. On top of that, Facebook often gets criticized for not shielding its members appropriately - especially the young members. There are lots of instances of when Facebook has been in the public eye for less than favourable reasons. In addition, many user leave it because they spend an excessive amount of their spare time on it and they find they are missing face-to-face communication.

Lots of people are currently looking towards the future - what would take the place of Facebook? An obvious response is an alternative website. It was not so long ago when MySpace was the most popular social network but it has already started to experience a decrease in its numbers of users. Thus, Facebook will constantly be mindful of competition. In fact, whilst it dominates numerous geographies, presently there are nations where there has been very little traction comparatively. Soon to be launched online social network Diaspora has put user privacy at the heart of the brand identity.

Even so, another prediction is a multi-functional program. Although Facebook provides a lot of fantastic features, there are also a lot of features which it does not have. Blogging, book marking online, personal homepages, a password store, and so on. Although you can argue that some people prefer individual functioning websites, the growth in multi-functional products suggest otherwise. You merely need to take a look at the modest cell phone to see how many people like proceeding to just one location for all of their wants. This saves them time, means they have to perform less and people frequently favor that. A site where you could communicate with family, get a personalized home page and also social book marking and password management would be a one stop shop for the most popular Internet uses.

Furthermore, if a product could combine every one of these features and allows access to them via a mobile gadget, such as a tablet PC or cell phone, then it may transform the field. Everyone could effectively get all the enjoyment and work from one place.

The Best Kept Secret on the Net? Why You Should Be Using a Password Manager

Password management services are possibly one of the best kept secrets on the Internet. If you are a tech-savvy geek then you will probably already make use of one yet many more Internet users do not know about them or the advantages. If you don't know what an online password manager is yet then you should read this article.

Everyone is continually putting much more info online or on the Internet. It can be anything from our home address when shopping online, our financial information whilst online banking or personal information we post on social networks. Advances in web technology have meant that plenty of information is now only available online. Everyone should be much more careful of their accounts; just one account compromised may have much bigger repercussions.

Most people take passwords seriously. Most people knows the rules for good passwords, unfortunately many people are too lazy to be as secure as possible online. Many people use one password that is easy to remember but not very safe. To have a super safe password it should feature upper and lower cased characters, numerical characters and special characters. Many people use words from the dictionary as their password, something which is particularly not secure. Password security is your first line of defence for your online security.

Password software eliminate a lot of the hassle passwords offer whilst providing increased levels of online security. Password managers can be computer software or websites that will store all username and password information securely. You can download a toolbar and then it sits in your toolbar and will manage your passwords, or you can register for a website that provides the same functions. Many password managers will also enter your username and password details with auto-fill technology.

There are many advantages for making use of online password managers. Firstly, they remove a lot of the stress and hassle of passwords. Pretty much everyone has forgotten a password at some point and everyone knows just how time consuming and annoying it is to have to register for a new account or have a new password sent to you. Using a password manager will mean you never have such a problem again. They save you a lot of time as you do not have to constantly type your account information into websites.

Nevertheless, the online safety benefits really make online password managers important for modern living. You will no longer need to use one password for all your sites or easy to remember passwords since you cannot remember numerous different complicated ones. Online password managers store your passwords online, safely and securely meaning you will not have to worry about remembering them yourself - you will always know where they are. Furthermore, because your username and passwords get managed for you, you can use different passwords for each website that you visit. This will vastly improve online security.

How Customization has Made the Internet Popular

Most people are excellent Internet users. Children are now born into a world where they will always have the Internet. It truly has changed modern living. From the way we work to socializing with peers. There are pluses and minuses to the web. Many people see the changes to society with a certain level of trepidation and respect. Nonetheless, the advantages of the Internet are happily welcomed by loads of users.

One of the reasons why the Internet has become this popular is the element of personalization. The net effectively allows you to create a whole different avatar should you wish to. However, if you do this, it can be somewhat controversial and lots of users will react less than favorable. Nevertheless, for the majority of Internet users, the choice to customize content and customize your browsing is really enjoyable.

There are lots of different ways to present your personality on the net. Firstly you are free to sign-up for social networks. There are plenty of social networks to choose and each one has advantages and disadvantages. You can find social networks related to singers, reading, films, crafting, shopping, health and fitness and so on. There really is an endless number of social networks you are able to become a member of. When you sign up you will get given a profile and can add details about you and then you can talk with other users. There are message boards you can register for which will let you communicate with members although they do not normally feature such a customizable profile page.

Social book marking is a great example of customization affecting the net. Social book marking tools are amongst the most popular websites on the web. They work by allowing you to save your bookmarks or articles that you like, comment on them or comment on other users' choices. They work like a bigger conscience with Internet users coming together to share interesting pages.

Blogs are a good example of customizing on the Internet. Although the rate of new blogs has slowed down a bit with the increasing popularity of micro-blogging and social networking websites, blogs continue to play a relevant role online. With a blog, you can design a personalized and then write about anything you want. They can be a great way to share thoughts with friends or relieve stress. What's fantastic about the net is that it facilitates social communication so people will reply to your posts and you can feel part of a community.

Customized homepages are a great example of just how popular personalization and customization is on the Internet. You can create homepages about anything. Homepages are perfect for showing the world your personality. You can post images and videos and whether you share the information with the world or just your family, homepages are a great hobby to maintain.

Setting up a homepage is really easy but there are different choices. Firstly you can build your homepage from scratch learning html or using a WYSIWYG site builder. This can bea bit time consuming but you might be able to get the page exactly how you want it to be (although you will normally need to purchase a domain, hosting and any other resources). If you feel like you are not ready to take on that challenge then why not opt for a free personalized homepage? You can create homepages with galleries, text, videos, images, links and so on. Once the website is live, email a link to your family and say: "check out my homepage!"

Good Suggestions for Starting a Blog

Writing some sort of blog is an excellent hobby to have. Whether you publish it for fun and amusement or if you would love to pursue a job in writing, creating a blog offers lots of benefits. Although it can appear as though everyone owns a blog and you might not know how to start, setting up a blog is usually really simple and self-explanatory!

First you really have to consider is whether or not you would prefer to have a blog hosted for free or host it yourself. There are pluses and minuses for both options. A free blog suggests you don't need to pay for it but you have not as much freedom to customize the design and style and not as much memory space to save pictures and documents on the web. Hosting the blog yourself requires additional work and you have to buy an Internet domain and some hosting but it might be worth it if you would like personalize your blog with more creative freedom. Many bloggers get started with free sites and then move to hosting it themselves. This is actually a fantastic strategy to discover what blogging is about and if you enjoy writing before being required to part with any cash.

The next thing to do is think about what you would like to write about. This could look like a trivial concern but it really is important and will have a large impact on the way your blog evolves over time. If it is a personal blog then you will likely just write about life and what you do etc. These are generally interesting to read yet they might also sometimes be tricky to become popular because most people online are looking for something specific. Generally, a good rule to stick to though is to have your blog inside a specific subject and adhere to that topic. This can be on anything - television shows, movies, music, sports, traveling, cooking, learning, business, health, fitness and so on. What is important is to select a topic that you are interested in and you are sure that you can maintain a level of interest. Picking a topic helps on three different levels. Firstly, readers will know what to expect when they get to the site. Furthermore, you should find that your site has a place in a network of blogs that will give you a greater feeling of community. Additionally, this can also help your website get picked up by search engines as they will be able to understand your blog better if you have a strong blog identity. This in turn will mean you get more traffic.

You then need to consider is how you are going to write entries. Will they be humorous, informative or personal? You may want to write each post differently and really show your personality or stick to a specific style, the choice is up to you. It is important to show some personality - this is what makes people like your posts and visit your blog again. Other things to consider are images, sound clips and videos. These can add depth to your website. If you are reviewing a movie, why not include a clip? Furthermore, if you are discussing a place you been to, take some photos and include them in the blog. It will help to make your site much more interesting.

An additional step you may want to consider is getting traffic for the website. This may be done with many different strategies. Overtime, your site should slowly but surely find a rise in page views if you find a way to publish consistently with good content. However, there are numerous ways to get more visitors. You can buy advertising on websites and search engines or try to position your website higher in search engines. This is referred to as SEO (or Search Engine Optimization). Search engines have complex algorithms to assess how pertinent your site is for specific searches. The more relevant your website, the higher the position you will get in search results. One of the most significant ways search engines rank websites is by the number of high quality, in-bound, one-way links your website has. You can acquire these by creating content for article websites, presenting your site to Internet directories and making use of a social book marking tool to get links. You are also able to target specific key phrases within these links to have more benefit.

It is also important to be a part of the blogosphere. Creating a blog is far more pleasant when you feel that you are part of a community and can engage with others. It is also good to leave replies and send messages to other blog owners. It's also a good idea to bookmark the blogs you visit frequently. Store your bookmarks with an online bookmark manager and you will be able to navigate the blogosphere more easily.

Using the Internet as a Mommy

Regrettably there's never been a guidebook for bringing up children and modern society places ever more demands on moms. We all have got to take care of the home, look after our families and many are expected to get a job at the same time. For mothers, the web is becoming useful for a lot of different tasks. If you are not yet using it to make motherhood somewhat easier to manage, below are a few ideas that you might want to have a look at.

For a mom, at times it is difficult to get precious time for yourself. Every single day is devoted to your children. Although we adore them, even when they pester us for fun and treats, it is always great to get time for ourselves. In addition, several of our good friends might not have their own kids and it can sometimes feel that we get put aside for social events. However, the Internet is a fantastic way to keep in touch with friends who have different work schedules whilst also making new friends.

Absolutely everyone is aware of the extremely famous social networks but there are loads targeted at moms. There are lots of discussion boards where you will be able to register and reply to threads and make new contacts. This is really a good way to meet new people. You may discuss ideas and look for other opinions if you may be unsure of anything related to babies.

If you have relatives that are in other countries, you can use the net to make free calls, create blog posts to let all the family know how your family are getting on and build online photo galleries to share pictures with your relatives. The web has made it so much easier to keep in contact with people. All this might seem like lots of work but if you get the kids involved then they will relish the chance to get creative and contribute to a memory for the whole family.

Motherhood is wrought with doubt and a lot of parents can become worried about the decisions we make. All the choices from what bottles to purchase, which buggy is best and which toys are the must haves. Having someone else to help make these choices is really helpful.

There are many websites that have reviews for lots of products taking out lots of the stress of picking the best. You can search for products and read reviews. Many will also have a rating system so you can see quickly whether other mothers have rated the product highly. Reviews are personal but other people's opinions are a great point of reference the Internet is to make use of online book marking websites. They allow you to save your favorite websites in a single place. This will save a lot of time as you will always have quick access to your most used sites. For example, if you visit ten websites every day, you might be wasting a couple of minutes here and there by always searching for the websites. If you bookmark the favorite websites then you will be able to access them with just a single click. Furthermore, a web based password manager is great at saving time. You will be able to save your online account information and automatically log you into your favorite websites without having to remember or write your username and password!

Sometimes it feels like parenthood just gets more stressful as children become increasingly savvy and modern. Children these days have so much more. This can sometimes appear too much but why not use some of the new technology to your advantage? It may seem alien or foreign but utilizing the technology and the net can make life a little easier!

Save Time on the Web

Plenty of time spent on the Internet is wasted for no good reason. Many times it is because you get distracted by videos or a link that you have been sent. What you may fail to realize is a lot of the time that is wasted is spent on the smaller tasks.

Firstly, obviously time can get wasted depending on your connection. If your connection is unstable and continually gets disconnected, this can mean a lot of time gets wasted waiting for websites. It might be down to your router playing up or because you live far from the exchange. Sometimes such things cannot get fixed and until broadband technology advances, many people will have to contend with routers disconnecting and slow connection speeds. Nonetheless, there are many strategies you can use to streamline your surfing experience and become a more effective at managing your time.

To start with, you have to analyze your Internet habits. Which websites do you visit the most? Which sites do you spend more time on? What tasks do you use the Internet for? When you have determined the answers to the above questions then you can structure your weekly schedule more efficiently. Everyone has highs and lows of energy during the day. This may also effect going online. For example, do you start browsing with a great deal of energy and be really proactive? Or do you start off slowly, check out some news websites before starting more difficult tasks you need to do. Once you have recognize the way that you work, you will then be able to better structure your schedule and re-focus your energy on what needs to be done at the right time.

Once you have completed this, you then need to consider if there may be anything you do that slows you down? Do you spend a lot of time on Facebook or emailing contacts when you should really be researching for work? Understanding your flaws will let you to turn them to advantages.

One way which many of us throw away time on the Internet is by looking for sites we visit each day. Instead of typing in the address or book marking the website to our favorites, most of us will instead look for it on Google or a search engine. This is grossly unproductive and you will waste a great deal of time. Firstly you will open your browser, look for the site in Google, wait for results to load, click the right result and wait for that to load. You can skip most of these steps by book marking the website or even setting it to be your home page. Instead of typing anything, you simply click the correct bookmark. This will save you plenty of time! It might not seem like much but you will definitely be surprised at how much faster and productive you surf the web.

Furthermore, the web is made of millions of websites and countless web pages. More than people can ever visit in a lifetime. More than we will ever find. Whilst browsing the web we are often bombarded with sites that aren't quite suitable. Keeping track of the relevant information and websites can become tricky sometimes. If you utilize bookmarks then you will be able to quickly save only the most relevant results so you can return to them later. Furthermore, you may able to even use online bookmarks which will save your favorite sites online. This is an excellent tip if you have to work from several sites or whilst you are out and about. Saving bookmarks on the web means you will never lose them again.

By using book marking websites you will save you a lot of time spent typing URLs or trying to find that website from the other day that you need again. However, that isn't the only technique to save time on the Internet. Another great strategy is to use password management software. Think of all the sites we all go to frequently and count exactly how many you need to log into. That's a lot of websites and plenty of passwords to remember and submit. You can make use of your web browser's store account information feature but this is quite unsafe and should only be utilized if your computer is inside a safe environment. Ideally it should still not be used as each time your computer logs onto to the web, it is vulnerable to web attacks. Therefore, online password managers were created offering a safe substitute. You can register with an online password manager, store your information and auto-fill your account information for websites that you visit. As with online book marking, you will be able to access your username and password information from anywhere in the world and never stress about forgetting it again.

These two tips, while small are still really handy at saving you time on the Internet and allowing you to be more productive. You only need to make a small amount of changes to see a substantial difference in your productivity. It might need a little time to get used to working with the Internet differently, but if you can make these small changes, you will find that you will be able to be waste less time.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Ways to Remember Your Password

We are progressively growing to be dependent upon technology, the Internet and computers. Day after day, hundreds of millions of people browse the web for pleasure, work and entertainment. The time spent on the web is continually increasing for everyone as many more services become accessible. You can now sit back and watch episodes of our favorite programs on the Internet, order groceries and pay off bills. However, this means that most of us are now keeping more information on the web than previously. However, this means that sometimes all of us fail to remember our passwords, especially passwords which are sophisticated or are provided to us by webmasters.

In the event that you do forget your password, the essential thing to do is not to freak out or worry. This will happen frequently to everybody. If you forget your password, most sites will allow you to send a forgotten password ticket. This will allow you to register for a new password. This is typically be quite simple and automatic but it is frequently a pain. Sometimes a user might need to contact the administrator to ask for a new password. This creates more problems though, what happens if you forget the security answers and questions! Again, nobody should get worried as site owners are used to users forgetting their account details. You may have to email an administrator and prove the account belongs to you though.

What can you do if you keep forgetting account information? Well, prevention is often called the best cure. There are many ways to help. Firstly, many web browsers offer you the ability to save username and password details to your browser. This is good as you will not have to fill in the username and password information each time you visit the website. However, this is unsafe and should only be done if you are positive the information is definitely safe (i.e. do not utilize this feature if you share a computer or it is in a public place). Moreover, storing your username and password information to your web browser only helps you for a single computer. Should you use another computer and cannot remember your password, you will not be able to access the saved information from your personal computer.

An alternative to browsers storing your username and password information is to make use of an online password management service. These enable you to save your username and password details just like with your browser but instead you save them on a website. To do this, simply register for a password manager service and start saving password details there. You will then be able to always find your account information regardless of where you are and regardless of the time. Many websites also even have form filling functionality which submits your username and password details. This removes a lot of the hassle which may impact your Internet experience. Plenty of password management services also feature book marking services. You could use the same service to bookmark favorite sites online and then save your account information for them. This is a great tip at saving you hassle. You might find that you waste a lot of time spent on the web and by using these services you can make surfing the web less stressful.

Nonetheless, it should be noted that is very important to maintain safe password strategies. You should never tell anyone your passwords and you should make sure you have a safe password. A password should be at least 8 characters long and be created with a randomized selection of letters and numbers (to be even more safe then you should include lower and upper casing and special characters). However, the safer a password is, the harder it is to remember it which is why online password managers are useful. In conclusion, if you forget your password or you are worried your passwords are not robust enough then you should definitely try a password manager to manage your passwords for you.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The C-Factor: China's Influence on the Technology Industry

China recently overtook the US to be the biggest automotive consumers. You might think, so what? China may be on the other side of the world but consumer habits there are beginning to effect designs from other areas of the world.

This is an emerging source of globalization. Commentators have coined the term 'C-Factor' for this new found influence.

Businesses from Japan and South Korea have been revered for their technological expertise and approach to business. The digital and technology market has been dominated by these companies creating everything from watches to computers. But in recent years, particularly in the personal computer industry, Western technology companies have achieved a large share of the market. Even more recently there has been the growth of two new East Asian countries in the tech market - Taiwan and China.

China manufactures the world's most popular, high-end technology devices. China is now also home to the 4th largest PC manufacturer in the world.

Although not quite as famous in global economies as China, Taiwanese technology companies continue to rapidly grow. Acer is now the second biggest computer manufacturer - jumping over Dell to reach the coveted spot. It is clear that the technology industry continually changes. It is interesting to imagine the effect of the C-Factor (and T-Factor) on industries such as food, health and so on.

In comparison, the Asian markets are often seen as difficult to break into by Western businesses. What is popular in East Asia may often be unheard of in the West. Western companies must offer different products and brands in order to appeal to an Asian demographic. This can simply be explained by cultural differences - aesthetics do not always translate. Asian countries are also definitely a game changer for online companies.

It is easy to think that the world is converging into a single homogenized, global culture. The globalization of brands, as well as the spread of English, further fuels this idea. However, with the Internet and technology there are still many key differences between cultures.

For example, SMS phone messaging is one of the most popular methods of communication amongst young people in Europe. In certain Asian countries, this technology is mostly unused and emails are used instead. Furthermore, whilst many people in the West view the desktop computer as being the main method to access the Internet, mobile phones and other devices may be more popular in Asian countries. This creates genuine problems for online companies - if the technology that is favored is different then you cannot merely translate a website and expect it to gain traction.

Online social networks are a good example of such differences. Facebook is arguably the most popular website in the Western world. The number of Facebook users would rank it the third biggest population behind China and India if it was a country. However, its usage is not as pervasive in some East Asian countries.. Facebook is only ranked 27th in the top 100 visited websites in Japan and it is not even inside the top 100 for China. Twitter, another popular online social networking website has a much lower user number in East Asian countries.

Furthermore, online bookmarking (allowing you to save your favorites online) is also not used as much. The majority of users are from English speaking countries whilst the number of users from East Asian countries is a lot lower. This may be down to language differences but there are other factors as well. Layout, design and content should all be tailored for specific cultures. This is largely the reason why there are few truly global brands.

You might be wondering what is popular in Asian countries. Blogs are very popular in Asian countries and are used much more prolifically compared to the West. Of course, blogging is popular all over the world but Asian cultures have taken it up a lot more vehemently. Many celebrities blog and groups of friends work together on shared blogs. Blogging platforms are specifically created for certain markets and have individual features and unique quirks. Personalized homepages are also popular and many people set up home pages which feature images, links, music and so on.

Looking at how the social network marketplace is fragmented according to geography speaks volumes on the cultural differences and struggles faced by marketers and international businesses. Combine the C-Factor and Asia's new immergence in the technology market, we may soon be analyzing the East's influence on the West. Ultimately, it will be interesting to see if these businesses can continue at the pace they are currently at and if they can stay ahead of the competition once they reach the top.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Going Back to School – Using the Internet as a Study Aid

The start of the new school year may have already started for you or be just around the corner. Going back to school can be an exciting time for many students. However, having homework and exams again can also be stressful. You should not feel like this though. Here are some simple tips to take out some of the worry and stress related to studying and school.

You should use the internet to do a lot of your research. You can find information on online encyclopedias and also wikis but this ought to merely be a starting point for doing research. Use these kinds of websites to get a general idea on a topic. You should then take this research and do more in depth study. You may be surprised at the amount of information there is beyond the most popular sites.

Making use of school department sites is a great way to find accurate and up-to-date information. Many college websites offer materials that everyone can access. You should then use this information within your own research. Your lecturers will be very impressed that you refer to information from respected sources. Many teachers look down on online resources and prefer the use of academic books or journals. However, online information from colleges is often regarded as being from a respected source.

Another important tip is to use the internet for the one thing that it is famous for - communicating and socializing. The internet can also facilitate communication with experts. Question and answer networks allow you to ask experts and members of the public for answers to specific questions. Be careful that a number of of the answers may be unhelpful. Nevertheless, there will be many people who will take your question seriously. There are websites that even allow you to contact a teacher or professor for help.

Moreover, there are also plenty of discussion boards and internet communities that you can use to speak to people who are already interested in your topic. For example, if you are writing an essay on the history of Spain, then you will be able to find forums and online communities for Spain, the Spanish language, history and so on.

One thing that is very important for studying and good study habits is consistency. If you start the year focused then you will naturally get into the habit of finishing work early and discover that you are less stressed come exam time. You ought to use different folders for every class you have and file your work separately. With computers and the internet it can effortlessly become difficult to organize files and resources. This means it is normally difficult to locate information you saved weeks ago come exam time.

For each class you take, create folders on your computer. If you want, you can create folders within this folders for every topic covered etc. When you finish an essay you can save to the proper folder (and not somewhere where you will forget it). Moreover, if you use the internet for research you should definitely use bookmarks and favorites to save resources. If you use an online bookmarking program then you will be able to save bookmarks. If you are working in school and then need to go home, favorite the website online and you will be able to access them from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, online bookmarking allows everyone to quickly share favorites between classmates. Online bookmarking is a fantastic way to work collaboratively and organize your resources better.

You can make use of personalized home pages to help with studying. You can use a personalized homepage to share links with classmates. If you create an account together then everyone can use it and work together to build a directory of information. There are many services out there that enable anyone to create wikis and resource sites. You will then be able to email your classmates: "hey, why not check out my homepage" and people will be able to look at your page and also use it as a resource. Working together is a great way to enjoy the work and have people motivate you.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Friends team up to take on Google

myhomepage was founded by two well connected young entrepreneurs Massimo Agostinelli and Max Aengevelt who combine their work at myhomepage with their studies at the European School of Business of London and Cass Business school.

Quite a feat when you see how far their business has come in such a short space of time.

In just one year myhomepage have a highly developed password management system that has a applied for patent and online bookmarking system that is up and running on the internet.

myhomepage are operating in an emerging and intriguing space and the business is already a leading player in a sector in which heavy weights such as Google and Microsoft have already expressed an interest.

Massimo and Max have been close friends since meeting at Hurtwood House boarding school in Surrey England and the friends both have business in their blood. Both are heirs to well established and highly successful family businesses that make high value equity investments all over the world.

But family connections will not provide a free ride, the family businesses have provided the seed investment, but the founders are well aware that they are required to ensure the business is able to stand on its own two feet by winning further investment from external sources.

Massimo and Max set about achieving their vision for myhompage in early 2009 by assembling a team of exceptional technical experts, marketing guru’s and seasoned start-up executives. myhomepage aims to become a leading start page that allows user to save, manage and automatically log into their favourite bookmarks.

Key to the success so far has been the fact that the founders have extended the hand of friendship as well as camaraderie to all the members of their team.

The latest to join the team is the London web design agency MintTwist.

MintTwist were involved early on in the myhomepage story, having been contracted to improve the website design, look-and-feel and usability.

Having seen the tremendous value that exists within the business, MintTwist were delighted to agree on even closer ties, by becoming equity partners in the myhomepage business.

Massimo, Max, MintTwist and the rest of the fledgling team still have a long way to go. And they are under no illusions about the difficulties that lie ahead; first they must prove that there is traction in the product by significantly raising the number of active users that have taken up the myhomepage system.

In a latest twist to their story, the team have now been set the challenging goal of achieving 50,000 new users within just 6-months. Read more on the myhomepage marketing challenge.

But as ever the two enigmatic founders are un-phased – “We will do it”, they say.

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