Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Myhomepage Features Coming Soon

I'm really excited about the features that we've got lined up. Drag and drop functionality, tagging, sharing and loads more. I wish I could show you goes some previews but you'll just have to take my word on it that it's really cool.

Soon, myhomepage will have a great new way of organizing your favorite bookmarks and Auto Logins. You'll be able to drag your bookmarks to wherever you like on your homepage. Also, you'll be able to tag your bookmarks instead of using folders. I personally really enjoy tagging, I use it a lot for blogging so I'm excited to see how it works on a social bookmarking platform.

Stay tuned for exciting updates of

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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

My Favorite Sites

We all have those websites that we check daily, right? I have a few that I check numerous times a day. myhomepage is a great way to access these sites. Create an account, add your favorites, set your browser homepage to myhomepage and every time you login, you'll find all your favorites ready for you to view in one place. Take a look at an example for myhomepage:

As you can see, my favorite sites are all located here in 1 place. This saves me time as I'm not writing in the urls myself. This is especially true when I'm away from my home computer as I can still access my favorites.

What are you favorite sites? The top 5 I selected are amongst my favorites (not including Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Youtube and so on).


As the internet has developed people get more of their information from online sources, this is no different for news. I rarely buy newspapers anymore but I feverently read online news sites. My favorite is the BBC, normally it's the very first website I open up when I'm on the net. Perhaps I'm biased as I live in the UK, but I really enjoy the news, sports, entertainment and weird sections. It also has great coverage of world and technology news. However, sometimes I notice they're a bit slow on coverage (especially on the weekend) and their more niche coverage often goes unupdated for quite a while.


Asos (originally 'as seen on screen') is arguably the UK's top online fashion retailer at the moment. Hitting the perfect balance between expensive designer brands and fashion forward inhouse creations, they budget for cash strapped students and those lucky enough to buy garments with multiple 0 price tags. Asos also has a great community feel. They send you indepth newsletters about the latest trends and offer advice to users. They also started sending a magazine through the post, although it's been a while since I received one so maybe they stopped that. Asos offers cheap clothes that look good and aren't too poorly made.


DeviantArt has been around for ages. It's an online community for creative people, mainly artists. But you can find all sorts of stuff here. Photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, digital art. Even poetry and prose too. Users can upload their own work and get feedback from other users. You can even sell prints of your work. I really enjoy being creative and do loads of art stuff myself, however what I really love about DeviantArt is the inspiration you can get. There are some really talented artists out there.


A student's favorite website, Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that allows users (that's anyone really) free reign over editing content. Obviously you'll get people messing around with the content but all in all, it's actually pretty informative and the Wikipedia staff are normally always ready to pounce on any poorly edited pages. Sadly for students, it's frowned upon by the faculty for not being a proper source. Nevermind though, I've still spent hours on this site, looking up the oddest of things. It's great for learning new things, especially about really obscure things. Sadly, sometimes it doesn't get updated quickly enough.


I love music, sad to say I also quite like pop music. Don't hold this against me, I like all kinds of music, but I'm also not too proud to say I enjoy the popular music. Popjustice is an often irrevent look at the music industry (especially UK pop music) that features news, interviews and reviews. It's a bit of a cult page but it has a strong following.

So what are your favorite websites and why? Why not sign up to myhomepage and use our great free personalized homepage service. Store all your favorites in one place for simple, time saving browsing.

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Welcome to myhomepage!

Hi, welcome to the myhomepage blog. Thanks for stopping by! My name's Colin and I work as an analyst here. I think myhomepage is a great site, so let's take a look at some of the features and how it works.

myhomepage is a free, online bookmarking site that allows you to store all your favorites in one easy to access place. I don't know about you but I visit hundreds, if not thousands, of websites a week. I check my favorites 3 or 4 times a day. My bookmark folder in my browser is cluttered with articles that I've read and enjoyed, sites that I want to read but yet to had the chance and so much more. Sadly, I'm also pretty unorganized so there's a lot of stuff in there that I've completely forgotten about. They're just gathering dust. That's why I love myhomepage, it lets me save all my bookmarks in one place, and displays them in a cool, visual way.

Check out at the picture below. It's my homepage on myhomepage :D You can see some of my favorite sites displayed as thumbnails. I've got Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and loads more. It also allows you to search for and bookmark images and videos. With just 1 click, I can open up my favorite music videos or movie trailers. You can also organize all your bookmarks into folders so you'll never forget a page again.

myhomepage also works as a password vault. This means you can store your account information with myhomepage and we'll keep it super safe for you. For some sites you can also automatically login with our patent pending technology. It's really easy to set up and once you are, all you have to do is visit the site, click a button in your browser and you'll be logged in. You'll never have to remember all those passwords again - let myhomepage remember them for you. Security is paramount to us, that's why we use the highest level of encryption and are certified secure by TRUSTe, McAfee and VeriSign.

We've got loads of great new features getting developed too. Soon you'll be able to drag and drop your thumbnails to organize them, tag your bookmarks and share your favorites with your friends. We love to get feedback from users so please feel free to comment.

Try us out today, it's totally free: click here!

I'll leave you guys with our introduction video: