Friday, 28 May 2010

Myhomepage Version 1.3 Released!

Yesterday saw the release of myhomepage Version 1.3. What's all the fuss about you might say? Well, importing bookmarks and emailing links to friends!

myhomepage has always listened to user feedback and all your comments and suggestions so a lot of the new features we've implemented have been initiated by user feedback. Importing bookmarks was the most requested feature by users so the tech team has worked really hard to get it working. We're really proud to offer users the ability to import their bookmarks from the top five browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera) and Google Bookmarks.

Importing bookmarks is really easy. All you have to do is log into myhomepage, navigate to the My Bookmarks page, then click the 'Import bookmarks' link in the menu and all you have to do is import the exported bookmark file. All your bookmarks will be uploaded to your account (please note, if you have a lot of bookmarks, it might take a short while to upload them all). Any folders you have used will be turned into a tag saving time so you don't have to re-tag everything.

Secondly, myhomepage takes its first steps into the wonderful world of web 2.0! With version 1.3 you can now easily email your favorite bookmarks to your friends, relatives, colleagues and more!

All you have to do is right click on a thumbnail or click the options icon. Then select 'Email to a friend'. In the popup, enter your contact's email address, leave the default message or write your own and click send email. Your link will travel through the Internet and your friend will have your link suggestion waiting for them in their inbox. It's incredibly simple. I've used it a lot myself and think it works great.

For a bonus tip, you can send your link to more than one person by seperating each address by a comma e.g. "," will send it to both me and the myhomepage support team (although don't send email to as I don't check this email address). It's a great feature and works really well and we're all really excited for you to check it out.

So, have you tried it? If you have, please get back with us and let us know how you find it. We think it's a great release and hopefully will improve user experience.

Try myhomepage version 1.3 here!

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