Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Myhomepage's First Review!

Myhomepage has had our first review from a tech blog! The whole team were extremely excited. had some great things to say. I know it's a cliché when companies say that they value user feedback but we really do! And we really listen to it as well; we're continuing to develop new features and functionalities, some of which are user suggested.

So if you have any feedback for us, please let us know by getting in contact with us.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

USB3 is Super Fast!

This article by the BBC shows a video comparing USB3 and USB2 transfer rates. USB3 is amazingly more fast! I don't mean to sound so geeky but I'm really impressed by this. As high storage, small size hard drives and large files become more popular, USB2 is gradually becoming defunct. Now with USB3, you can enjoy transfer rates up to 10x faster! I can't wait for USB3! I remember when USB first started becoming popular and now it's become a norm. I think USB3 won't have such a big impact functionality wise, but it will definitely be a welcome improvement over current standards.

Apple's iPad and

Apple's highly anticipated iPad tablet computer (see how myhomepage might look on an iPad to the left) was officially launched just days ago in the U.S. With its price tag of $499, it's just as affordable as Windows or Linux based netbooks, which have dominated the technology market with their low price points and simple functionality.

But the iPad appears to take it a step further with a multi-gesture touchscreen and the AppStore (arguably the biggest factor to drive revenue and repeated customer interest on the iPhone and iPod Touch).

But enough babbling! The question is: ‘How will take advantage of the iPad's abilities and innovative technologies?’

Steve Jobs, when launching the first generation iPhone, once said something along the lines of: "We didn't want our customers to be using irritating styluses... you'll be using what you were born with... your fingers!” The iPhone improved functionality for users but the iPad’s larger screen and portable size (compared to a desktop or bulkier laptops) could further enhance user enjoyment.

We’re currently developing drag and drop functionality for myhomepage, which means organising your favourite websites and Auto Logins will be easier and more instinctive. If we imagine this with a touchscreen, like on the iPad, then simple finger gestures will increase productivity and fun! Imagine pinching, zooming and flicking your way through all your favourite bookmarks on myhomepage! Now websites will just be one touch away.

So how do YOU think the iPad will enhance the myhomepage experience?