Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Myhomepage Version 1.2 Released!

Sorry for the delay in the announcement! We're very excited about the new version of myhomepage that just got released last week. We've improved lots of small things around the site that you might not even noticed have changed but they will make a big difference to your overall experience!

However, we've also added a couple of great new features that I think work great and really make myhomepage a fun site to work with!

The first one I want to talk about is drag and drop. We've now implemented drag and drop functionality on the My Homepage. This means you can now easily organize your favorites with just one action! I used to find the My Homepage quite tricky to use and really wanted more control over how I organize my personal favorites. Now, drag and drop makes it really easy and simple! Here are a couple of screenshots of drag and drop on the My Homepage:

You can organize your My Homepage however you want. Check out a couple of examples of me playing around with it:

I'm really enjoying the new drag and drop functionality on myhomepage, it works really well and let's me organize all my favorites just how I want them :) How do you organize your favorites? I guess some of you will organize by popularity (your most favorite sites first), but I actually organize by category. So I'll put all the social websites together and all the music websites together. Some of you might also organize by the alphabet. I wonder what it says about people how they organize things or, on the other hand, how they don't organize things.

All this talk of organizing leads me on to the next great new feature of myhomepage version 1.2, tagging. Myhomepage has moved away from folders and now allows you to tag your bookmarks. If you're unfamiliar with them, tags allow you to assign key phrases to bookmarks so you can organize them more easily. For example, I might tag a BBC website as 'news', 'media', 'online', 'broadcast', 'my favorite shows' and so on. Tagging opens up a whole new avenue of organization. You're no longer bound to assigning a bookmark to a single folder which means when you come to remembering your bookmarks again, you'll have a much easier time finding where you saved them.

To use myhomepage's new tagging system, simply right click on a thumbnail, select the 'Tag this bookmark' option and the tagging window will display. From here, you can select the tags you want (if you've already saved some) or simply add new ones (you can add more than one at a time by seperating each key phrase with a comma; e.g. 'hotels, holidays in spain, travel, vacation details').

These two new features are really easy to use and make myhomepage even more fun! They've made using the site so much quicker and intuitive; it feels a lot more personal now. So, why start from anywhere else?

To see a list of all the new features we've added, please look here:

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