Monday, 27 September 2010

Can We Predict the Fall of Facebook?

It truly is tough to think the world's most well known social network would ever fall from grace. Facebook possesses sufficient users to make it one of the biggest countries on the planet. Nevertheless, could it possibly be on its way out? Facebook continues to be incredibly popular, but huge businesses have crashed before.

Among the list of issues with Facebook is the fact it truly is everywhere. Having a Facebook page has become as popular as having a phone number or email address. When you encounter anyone who doesn't own a Facebook account, you want to know the reason why? Facebook has fast become the site to throw away almost all your leisure time. Facebook has come some way since its simple origins of social networking for students. It is now offered to anyone to try and just about every country in the world. It has made it possible for friends and families to search for each other again and brought together relationships. Facebook's status will be documented in history with the release of a new movie regarding its rise to prominence.

Nonetheless, Facebook is certainly not without controversies. It is continually making the news for issues with privacy and online safety fears for members. Faced by public protest, it was forced to shorten its privacy settings and settings allowing users to comprehend the privacy configurations a lot easier. Facebook is commonly criticized with regard to having the security settings so complicated meaning members usually do not realize the best way to control his or her personal information appropriately. On top of that, Facebook often gets criticized for not shielding its members appropriately - especially the young members. There are lots of instances of when Facebook has been in the public eye for less than favourable reasons. In addition, many user leave it because they spend an excessive amount of their spare time on it and they find they are missing face-to-face communication.

Lots of people are currently looking towards the future - what would take the place of Facebook? An obvious response is an alternative website. It was not so long ago when MySpace was the most popular social network but it has already started to experience a decrease in its numbers of users. Thus, Facebook will constantly be mindful of competition. In fact, whilst it dominates numerous geographies, presently there are nations where there has been very little traction comparatively. Soon to be launched online social network Diaspora has put user privacy at the heart of the brand identity.

Even so, another prediction is a multi-functional program. Although Facebook provides a lot of fantastic features, there are also a lot of features which it does not have. Blogging, book marking online, personal homepages, a password store, and so on. Although you can argue that some people prefer individual functioning websites, the growth in multi-functional products suggest otherwise. You merely need to take a look at the modest cell phone to see how many people like proceeding to just one location for all of their wants. This saves them time, means they have to perform less and people frequently favor that. A site where you could communicate with family, get a personalized home page and also social book marking and password management would be a one stop shop for the most popular Internet uses.

Furthermore, if a product could combine every one of these features and allows access to them via a mobile gadget, such as a tablet PC or cell phone, then it may transform the field. Everyone could effectively get all the enjoyment and work from one place.

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