Monday, 27 September 2010

The Best Kept Secret on the Net? Why You Should Be Using a Password Manager

Password management services are possibly one of the best kept secrets on the Internet. If you are a tech-savvy geek then you will probably already make use of one yet many more Internet users do not know about them or the advantages. If you don't know what an online password manager is yet then you should read this article.

Everyone is continually putting much more info online or on the Internet. It can be anything from our home address when shopping online, our financial information whilst online banking or personal information we post on social networks. Advances in web technology have meant that plenty of information is now only available online. Everyone should be much more careful of their accounts; just one account compromised may have much bigger repercussions.

Most people take passwords seriously. Most people knows the rules for good passwords, unfortunately many people are too lazy to be as secure as possible online. Many people use one password that is easy to remember but not very safe. To have a super safe password it should feature upper and lower cased characters, numerical characters and special characters. Many people use words from the dictionary as their password, something which is particularly not secure. Password security is your first line of defence for your online security.

Password software eliminate a lot of the hassle passwords offer whilst providing increased levels of online security. Password managers can be computer software or websites that will store all username and password information securely. You can download a toolbar and then it sits in your toolbar and will manage your passwords, or you can register for a website that provides the same functions. Many password managers will also enter your username and password details with auto-fill technology.

There are many advantages for making use of online password managers. Firstly, they remove a lot of the stress and hassle of passwords. Pretty much everyone has forgotten a password at some point and everyone knows just how time consuming and annoying it is to have to register for a new account or have a new password sent to you. Using a password manager will mean you never have such a problem again. They save you a lot of time as you do not have to constantly type your account information into websites.

Nevertheless, the online safety benefits really make online password managers important for modern living. You will no longer need to use one password for all your sites or easy to remember passwords since you cannot remember numerous different complicated ones. Online password managers store your passwords online, safely and securely meaning you will not have to worry about remembering them yourself - you will always know where they are. Furthermore, because your username and passwords get managed for you, you can use different passwords for each website that you visit. This will vastly improve online security.

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