Monday, 11 October 2010

The Future is Multi-Functional Technology

Multi-functionality is certainly one of the key areas of electronic advancement recently. Most people have observed gadgets handle a growing number of features and functions as companies compete in the money-making digital market place. Television sets can now connect to the Internet; in fact, even cars and trucks can get connected to a remote server for GPS and navigation assistance. Laptops now arrive integrated with mics and web cameras. Handheld game gadgets now have wifi connectivity so that you can download additional content or have fun with users all over the world. Products with multiple capabilities are most certainly the way the marketplace is advancing.

The primary example of this development is the poor cellphone. They were once huge, requiring people to haul it with a handle over their shoulder. Gradually over time as technology progressed and technology costs lowered, the size of phones reduced and designers were finally able to include new features. In the beginning they were features which are taken granted for now. Colored displays, music players, cameras. In the past customers could only send one text message at a time and were only allowed to use a maximum of 160 characters. In spite of this, people are able to now easily send longer text messages as a string of more than just one message (although it is not counted as only one message by the suppliers - if you go over 160 characters you will subsequently be billed for 2 messages and so on).

Now, cell phones are lean, mean, multi-functional machines. People are able to send e-mails, capture sound and video, play video games, write blog articles on them and so much more. It is tough to think about a task that the mobile phone actually cannot do! They now even have significant memory capacity and some are capable of having a memory card. Lots of people prefer the usefulness and straightforwardness of having one product in contrast to several. And since mobile phones are little and compact, they are commonly the ideal size for the many purposes they have begun to include.

It is without a doubt simple to see the way technology convergence will go on to be the catalyst of technology improvements. Several products within and out of the home are today really smart and additionally feature exceptionally developed engineering, generally enabling them to interact with other products in the home or online. You can now tweet with the kettle and listen to music with your fridge. It is merely a matter of time before more systems are converged into one.

This brings up the challenge of where then is technology able to go to next? First, the growing level of popularity of tablet computers and touch screen interfaces definitely will have an important part in the development of technology. Eliminating the need of control keys, mice and keyboards suggests that a lot more products will have the ability to facilitate brand new technologies. Thus, if a product offers a smooth area then people will at some point be able to interact with it. The futuristic product models seen in many early science fiction shows are presently coming to being. Thankfully the clothing predictions were not accurate.

Nonetheless, it is entirely probable that Internet technologies will also continue converging. All of us have seen a growth in multi-functional computer software and Internet sites. Consumers no longer always need to get individual software programs for various functions, several programs can smartly operate well together. Additionally, online websites also provide a range of functions. People can sign up for websites which will definitely sort out your Internet time for you: allowing you to import all your bookmarks, saving them allowing you to access them from everywhere. Manage all your passwords online with one protected, safe online password manager and then immediately log into websites no matter where you are.

Electronics companies will certainly converge several online and offline solutions so irrespective of which device you use and where you will be, you will be able to access all your files at any time. Bookmarks, passwords, songs, films, emails, work documents and so forth. As well as the net and web sites.

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