Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Android Has Biggest Growth in Smartphone Market

The smartphone has become the new ubiquitous gadget that everyone seems to have. We have seen the casette player, the handheld video game console, the mp3 player and the humble, normal, mobile phone dominate the pockets of jackets and bags over the recent years. Step forward the smartphone. To be fair, the smartphone is just the next generation of mobile telephone devices but with advances in technology, you are now able to download music, video and games to your smartphone, browse the web, word process, send and receive emails and so much more. The phone has become a way to interact with the world not just one on one.

Perhaps the most famous smartphone is the iPhone 4 and its previous incarnations. However new research by Canalys suggests the iPhone is not as dominant as the media makes out. In fact, it is the third most popular smartphone device. And whilst it has seen a growth of over 60% from last year, it is dwarfed by Android's 886% increase in growth.

Google's Android is increasingly winning favour over Apple's iPhone platform for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, it is available on many different devices from many different manufacturers, so there are lot more choices for consumers. Furthermore, the Android App Market has a strong community behind it and continues to grow. This is an amazing achievement for Android. It certainly hasn't been grabbing the headlines like Apple's offering but it is nice to see that there is still competition.

All smartphone providers have seen an increase in sales apart from Windows, although Windows 7 Mobile OS might change that. Interestingly, Symbian is still the undisputed market leader with more than double the share of its nearest rival. Symbian, however, looks like it is going to be phased out eventually by Nokia. Symbian is a relatively old smartphone OS and Nokia's stronghold in Africa, Asia and Europe accounts for the platform's success. However, it seems Nokia are aware that Symbian may not contend well with the latest smartphone OS platforms as it is continuing to show support for Linux based Maemo and Meego platforms.

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